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Be a Model Employee

Once you have a job, doing more than is expected of you 
is one of the best rules you can follow.

Consistently "going above and beyond" at your job will put you in a much better position to:

  • keep your job during any economic downturns
  • be selected for promotion when opportunities arise
  • have a more permanent and stable “hold” on your job in general

Going "above and beyond” includes such things as

  • always arriving on time or even a bit early for work

  • using little or no sick leave or other excused absences

  • concentrating fully on your work during the day, with any personal business (such as making phone calls) taking place only during the lunch hour or other official breaks (or better yet), outside of the work-day altogether

  • whenever possible, staying overtime to finish up an emergency task

  • getting along well with the other employees by being friendly and helpful at all times (but not being “buddy-buddy” in a way that distracts you from giving your full attention to the job itself)

A second important recommendation:  Even in an entry-level job, it will be to your great advantage to stay with that job for a reasonable period of time (at least several months).  By not constantly looking for a "better job," you will give yourself the time and opportunity to work on other important areas of your life plan.  This in turn will make you better prepared to find--and be successful in--a more rewarding job at an appropriate time in the future.

Also, working hard and with a good attitude during this "first job" period will help you get a highly positive recommendation from your current employer when you do go on to some other work situation.

Exercise:  Think of a type of job you have held in the past or would like to be hired for.  For that particular job, how could you demonstrate "above and beyond" performance?